Train the Trainer

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It is quite common for a subject matter expert (either technical or non-technical) will be asked to conduct or facilitate a training or a knowledge sharing session. However, without the essential skills and techniques to engage and motivate learners, many of the subject matter expert were facing challenges in development and delivery of their module.

This 2 days course is designed for individual who wish to be a great trainers. Participants gain the essential skills and techniques to design, develop and deliver their training modules. They will also learn the skills and technique to engage and motivate learners during their training.


Learning Objective

  • Explain adult learning principles and their application
  • Describe how to best accommodate each primary learning style
  • Explain and implement the ADDIE training cycle
  • Demonstrate fundamental facilitation skills
  • Demonstrate fundamental presentation skills
  • Lead effective training sessions


Target Audience

Anyone who will be developing and delivering training program in the organization.


 Program Duration

2 Days


Program Content (9.00am -5.00pm)

Participant’s preparation before workshop

Participant will need to prepare a short training session (7-10 minutes) before attending this class.

Note: 1st Training Deliveries will be on Day 1. Participants will have opportunity to refine their training module for their 2nd Training Deliveries on Day 2.


Module 1: Adult Learning

  • Adult Learning Principle & Learning Style

Module 2: Training Cycle – ADDIE Model

Module 3. 1st Individual Training Delivery (7-10 minutes each person)

Module 4: Preparation for Training Deliveries

  • Preparation Pitfalls

Module 5: Implement the Design

  • Presentation vs Facilitation
  • Dealing with Nervousness
  • Making a smooth transition

Module 6: Facilitator Roles and Responsibilities

  • Facilitator toolbox
  • Facilitating a Session

Module 7: Dealing with Difficult Participants

  • Managing Disruption

Module 8: Final Individual Training Delivery (7-10 minutes each)

Module 9: Evaluate Performance

  • Training Evaluation Process


Training Approach

  • Presentation
  • Skills Practice
  • Group Discussion