Transformational Leadership for 21st Century

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“Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.” – George S Patton Improving the quality of the managers has always been considered essential by successful organisations because of the immediate impact that the managers bring to the employee’s productivity. Mere knowledge on how to do the job efficiently is not at all enough to warrant a person to become an effective manager. The role of managers is not just about “monitoring” his or her people’s performance anymore. The managers need to embrace the idea of globalisation, as well as the prevailing industry trends and best practices. Part of the managers’ competence are to execute changes, be creative, analytical, customer centric, maximise talent and performance, as well as enhancing organisation’s competitiveness through  engaging and energizing the workforce to deliver results. This training program will show you that excellence in leadership - bringing together people to accomplish the extraordinary - is not the private preserve of few charismatic men or women. It is an art and a science which can be learned.  

Learning Objective

  • To provide strategies and techniques to help managers to bring out the best in their people, so as to meet objectives of the organisation
  • To evaluate their own performance and effectiveness
  • Develop interpersonal effectiveness
  • To develop Agility
  • To execute their composite list of roles as a coach, motivator, counsellor, mentor, leader, trainer, disciplinarian
  • Pursue management  excellence through Best Practices
  • To inculcate efficient team-building skills among employees
  • To accomplish more through delegation
  • Manage conflicts and convert them into positive forces
  • Develop trust and promote harmony among team members
  • Lead by example through  good value  and shared  corporate responsibility

  Program Duration 2 Days  

Program Content (9.00am -5.00pm)

Shifting to Higher Gear – Getting Ready for Higher Performance

  • Transformation from Unconscious to Conscious Competency (The Journey)
  • Migration To Leadership Paradigm
  • Understanding Self – The Key to Successful  Leadership
  • Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis

Leadership  In Action

  • LeadershipRequirements In The New Global Era
  • Leadership Competency Checklist
  • Increasing Your Power
    • Ways To Build  Power
    • Sources of  Power
  • Trust Factor and Developing Synergy among team
  • Gaining Respect from Team players
  • Managing For Equal Concern For People and Productivity
  • Managers Multiple Role –Being a good Juggler

Developing Command Skills

  • Taking Ownership and Leading others
  • Commandments for Command Skills

Enhancing Total Communication Competence as a Professional

  • Communication Fundamentals for  Superior Leadership skills
  • Understanding Body Language and its Application

Listening Skills

  • Art of Listening for Superior Communication
  • Enhancing Your Questioning Skills

Feedback Quotient

  • Effective Feedback Techniques
  • Developing Assertive Skills- A.P.A. Behavior

Emotional Intelligence’s Role In The Workplace

  • Importance of Emotions and EQ for relationship building
  • Role of EI in the Workplace

Motivating Your Team Members

  • Understand motivation
  • Synergizing and Energizing Employees

  Training Approach

The program is conducted in a workshop manner, where lectures are interwoven with Real Life Experiences, Workplace Case Studies, group work & discussion, EBKP (Evidence Based Knowledge and Practice), games/exercises and experiential learning techniques. With lots of fun filled activities and humour to encourage Adult Learning.