Supervisory Enhancement for Leadership Excellence

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Executives/Supervisors play a critical role in interfacing with both subordinates and upper-level management. They are the important "links" between management and workers. The supervisor works with and through people on a face-to-face, day-to-day basis. But more importantly, supervisors have responsibilities for leading, motivating and organising their teams so as to contribute effectively to the achievement of corporate and employee goals

Learning Objective

  • To develop and update the knowledge and skills required in the supervision of work activities of the team
  • To increase your awareness, accountability and responsibilities of a supervisor when overseeing the people in your team
  • To help develop more effective "people" skills in handling your subordinates
  • To motivate people to be more productive and proactive
  • Encourage team work spirit among employees
  • Learn to apply People Quotient and Emotional Quotient
  • To be able to promote harmony and encourage employees to practise PIB’s core values in their daily activities

Target Audience

Supervisors, Officers, Executives & Managers


Program Duration

2 Days

Program Content (9.00am -5.00pm)


Shifting to Higher Gear – Getting Ready for Higher Performance Level

  • Paradigm shift
  • Checking on the supervisory values
  • Auditing your supervisory competency
  • Supervisory Competency Checklist
  • Transformation from Unconscious to Conscious Competency (The Journey)
  • Inculcating the appropriate professional supervisor behaviour

Check Yourself – Managing Yourself to be Better Managers

  • Strengths and weaknesses analysis

Leadership in Action

  • Transforming into high performance leader
  • High performance leadership characteristics
  • Communicating the Big Picture
  • Demonstrate your authority and style
  • Developing team spirit among your people

Developing Your People through Empowerment

  • Analysing the need to empower
  • Improving people’s confidence through empowerment
  • Consistent tracking of the empowerment process
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of your empowerment

Supervising Employees

  • Guiding employee behaviour
  • Modelling expected work behaviours
  • Monitoring work behaviours


Performance Tracking And Feedback

  • Tracking your people’s performance – what & how
  • Checking on the systems used for tracking
  • Behavioural feedback
  • Guidelines for giving behavioural feedback

Enhancing Total Communication Competence as a Professional

  • Enhancing verbal communication
  • Providing praises and criticisms appropriately and professionally
  • Handling your people’s grievances
  • Managing Difficult Employees

Reaching Organisational Excellence through Motivation

  • How to motivate people for higher productivity
  • Providing recognition to the deserving people
  • Creating positive attitude and transmitting it to the people
  • How to constantly stay motivated to maintain professionalism and respect from people at workplace

Training Approach

Lectures, interactive experiential learning, case studies, exercises, group activity, and management games. This program is conducted in a workshop manner and provides space for interactive learning.