Management of Stress – Converting Stress to Productive Energy

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In today’s lifestyle, stress is at its highest level – unfortunately, we sometimes are unaware of the symptoms and its damaging effect on our life. We want to do more with our lives than merely cope with overwhelming cost of ever-mounting stress. We are seeking new and effective ways of taking control of our lives, preventing diseases, and enhancing our health. Our happiness factor and mental health determines our outcome in our lives.

Yet, we are submerged by our real or perceived problems. We are unable to identify the main stress symptoms that are everywhere, at work and at home. The medical claims in most organisations are on the rise not only because of the rising cost of medical treatment but also the increased visits of staff for stress related illness. Eighty five percent of all illnesses are stressed-related. Stress has existed with mankind ever since time, thus cannot be avoided. However, it can be managed and converted to productive and positive energy.

The programme shall provide to the participants with better understanding and knowledge on how to manage and convert   stress to POSITIVE AND PRODUCTIVE ENERGY. The  various techniques learned in the program will be highly practical and applicable in their work and personal life.

Learning Objective

  • Know self observable signs of stress
  • Test their personal response to daily stress
  • Learn to identify stress
  • Learn specific techniques to reduce stress
  • Discover how to manage critical moments without stress
  • Handle the pressure of decision making
  • Reduce burn out
  • Improve productivity by managing job related stress
  • Learn to use assertiveness in a positive way
  • Increase productivity
  • Balance work and personal life
  • Living a happy and fulfilling life
  • Applying spiritual quotient and emotional quotient in life
  • Applying the enormous energy latent in oneself
  • Practicing oneness with all other employees to create harmony
  • Applying laughter therapy
  • Effective application of food and nutrition

Target Audience

All levels above the age of 25 years

Program Duration

2 Days

Program Content (9.00am -5.00pm)


Stress at Work

  • Events and situations that can produce stress
  • Dealing or mishandling stress
  • Relationship between stress and job performance
  • Identifying the Life Stressors
  • Analysing the impact of stress towards productivity

Symptoms of Stress

  • Manifestation of stress
  • The effects of stress
  • Psychological and physical consequences of stress
  • Environmental impact of Collective Stress level
  • Occupational boredom, satisfaction and health
  • Job burnout phenomenon
  • Converting the Routine to a more Exciting and fulfilling work lifestyle

Overcoming Stress

  • Recognising your own stress response
  • Management of Time towards productivity
  • Assertiveness to reduce stress
  • Application Of Multiple Quotient in managing stress

DAY  2

Nutrition and Health

  • Balancing The Chemicals in your Brain
  • Food Management-Eating right
  • Vitamins and Supplement
  • Positive and Negative Effects of food
  • Water and its energy
  • Producing Positive Vibration in your environment
  • Tools and Techniques in Increasing the Higher Frequency and Energy in your environment
  • Radiation from materials/equipmentand its effects on our Mind, Body and Energy

Relaxation Techniques, Healing Energies,NLP

  • Therapy Application –Laughter,Aroma,Soundand Silence
  • Effective Breathing Technique
  • Visualisation and Metaphysical Approach
  • Programming your Brain
  • Tools to Balance your Energy
  • Inner Healing Techniques
  • Using Mind Power And NLP
  • Techniques of Tapping into Natural Source of Energy from The Environment

Action Plan For Happy Living

  • Setting goals for achieving balanced and happy life
  • Lifting you to Higher Conscious Level
  • Creating Higher Achievability, Productivity and Success in Life

Training Approach

This program is conducted in a workshop manner. The class or seminar room environment is set in a non-traditional set up. A combination of minimal lectures and more of group/individual activities interwoven with application of techniques, exercises, explorative/discovery based learning, discussion and experiential learning techniques, coupled with hands on approaches  are blended in this specially designed program.