Managing Change – Pengurusan Perubahaan

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This program is specifically designed to address the growing challenges organisations are facing in the current downturn of the economy and how they can help employees to revitalise their effort and productivity towards achieving sustainability and maintaining high productivity through innovative thinking approaches and mind-set. Organisations must constantly develop themselves to become more Agile, Efficient and Cost Effective, operating as lean as possible. This trend does not only happen in the private sector, but also includes organisations in the public sector, which are required to think more business-like so that all the decisions made will result in less wastage, more Accountability and Higher Productivity.

This constant lookout for higher efficiency, higher productivity and better accountability by all organisations require the culture and mind-set of the people to totally be prepared about the need to change in their ways of doing their work.

Apart from the issue of higher efficiency and profitability, people are also required to embrace change due to the local and global competitive industry.

There is an immediate need to embrace the new way of doing work by influencing their mind-set through paradigm shift and embedding the positive values required if we want to make a quantum leap into being a progressive organisation and also as a learning organisation.

Learning Objective

  • Learn some techniques for managing and dealing with anger. To help employees who are resistant to accept new challenges
  • To develop Agility, Sustainability and Thrusting Forward
  • To remove the old ways of working and inculcate a new working culture through Innovative Thinking, Positive Values, New Mind-Set, And Practicing Continuous Improvement
  • To prepare the participants in accepting change as part and parcel of working life.
  • To provide opportunity to the participants in adopting the correct ways on how to manage change, which include managing their performance or the people reporting to them.
  • To improve the profitability of the organisation by possessing people who are able to become more Proactive And Adaptable Through The Changes.
  • To provide the people the ways on how to motivate themselves, as well as those who report to them so that the work environment will be more conducive for working productively.
  • To develop the people to become effective change leaders, who successfully implement change at work, and making sure that the change made is meaningful and long lasting.
  • To enhance the participants’ knowledge on the current issues that permeates in most world-class organisations in the world today.
  • To assist the people in dealing with change difficulties and provide them with means and techniques to solve those problems.

Target Audience

All Levels (Program will be customized according to category of audience)


Program Duration

2 Days

Program Content (9.00am -5.00pm)


Paradigm Shift For Change

  • Paradigm and Paradigm Shift
  • Migrating from old paradigm to new paradigm
  • Requirements for Shifting Paradigm
  • Change though paradigm shift
  • Activity – Group Exercise

Values & Attitude

  • Values – the foundation of self
  • Values – the foundation of corporate culture
  • Personal value vs. corporate values
  • Aligning personal values to corporate values
  • Identifying the attitude
  • Developing a positive attitude
  • Creating a corporate attitude
  • Activity

Corporate Culture

  • Definition of Culture
  • Identify the existing culture
  • Selecting and merging the best cultures
  • Implementing new culture
  • Case Study

Paradigm Shift – Improving Service Quality at Workplace

  • Identifying critical steps in making the Quantum Leap
  • Redefining The Quality Of Service And Productivity in your workplace
  • Emphasizing service quality at work
  • Changes on the horizon to look out for
  • Activity


Employees’ Role in Change

  • Incorporating change at workplace for excellence
  • Setting standards of work excellence
  • Improving on service level to all customers
  • Characteristics of excellent performer
  • Your role as a successful performer
  • Group Activity

Dealing with Fear of Change

  • Manifestations of grief
  • Five common emotions associated with change
  • Actions for helping other change
  • Dealing with concerned employees

Using Team Culture as Driver of Change

  • What positive teams’ culture consist
  • Keeping team motivated
  • Uniting the team
  • Ten common problems with teams
  • Case Study

Developing Skills for Successful Change through Teamwork

  • Establishing sense of urgency
  • Creating the guiding coalition
  • Communicating the change vision
  • Empowering employees for broad-based action
  • Generating short-term wins
  • Consolidating gains and producing more change
  • Anchoring new approaches in the culture

Training Approach

The program is conducted in a workshop manner, where lectures are interwoven with Real Life Experiences, Workplace Case Studies, group work and discussion and EBKP (Evidence Based Knowledge and Practice).

It is also conducted with lots of fun filled activities and humour to encourage Adult Learning Concept.