Leadership – Kepimpinan

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Improving the quality of LEADERSHIP has always been considered essential by successful organisations because of the immediate impact that LEADERSHIP brings to the employee’s productivity.

LEADERSHIP is a special challenge that can help an individual reach their new career and lifestyle goals. But to become successful LEADERS, it is not as easy as some people imagine. Mere knowledge on how to do the job efficiently is not at all enough to warrant a person to become an effective LEADER.

Learning Objective

  • To provide more strategies and techniques to the LEADERS so that they will be able to meet objectives of the organisation through the people
  • To be more professional and equipped with superior leadership competencies
  • To develop new ways of managing their subordinates and improving their work performance through a host of methods, such as –
  • providing motivation
  • coaching and providing feedback on performance
  • improving customer satisfaction
  • inculcating teamwork
  • ensuring employee job satisfaction
  • To inculcate efficient team-building skills among the LEADERS
  • To enhance superior People Management Skills (PQ)
  • To manage conflict and “difficult” employees
  • To use the basics of coaching their subordinates for more improved performance

Target Audience

Project Managers, Contract managers, Claims Managers and Supervisors, Legal counsel, Project and Contract executives and managers, Finance Managers, CFO, CEO.


Program Duration

2 Days

Program Content (9.00am -5.00pm)


Shifting to Higher Gear – Getting Ready for Higher Performance Level among LEADERS

  • Paradigm shift
  • Checking on the LEADERSHIP values
  • LEADERSHIP Competency Checklist
  • Transformation from Unconscious to Conscious Competency (The Journey)
  • Inculcating the appropriate professional LEADERSHIP behaviour

Managing Yourself to be Better LEADER

  • Setting goals and objectives
  • Strengths and weaknesses analysis

Leadership in Action

  • Transforming into high performance leader
  • High performance leadership characteristics
  • Communicating the Big Picture
  • Demonstrate your authority and style
  • Developing team spirit among your people

Coaching for Higher Performance among Your Team

  • Utilising coaching to boost your people’s morale
  • Helping people find their own solutions


Performance Tracking & Feedback

  • Tracking your people’s performance – what & how
  • Checking on the systems used for tracking
  • Behavioural feedback
  • Guidelines for giving behavioural feedback

Enhancing Total Communication Competence as a Professional

  • Communication ideals
  • Listening for better understanding and knowledge
  • Analysing your (and others’) body language
  • Enhancing verbal communication
  • Providing praises and criticisms appropriately and professionally
  • Handling your people’s grievances

Reaching Organisational Excellence through Motivation

  • How to motivate people for higher productivity
  • Providing recognition to the deserving people
  • Creating positive attitude and transmitting it to the people
  • How to constantly stay motivated to maintain professionalism and respect from people at workplace

Workshop Wrap-Up

  • Questions & Answers + Complete an action plan.

Training Approach

The program is conducted in a workshop manner, where lectures are interwoven with Real Life Experiences, Workplace Case Studies, group work & discussion and EBKP (Evidence Based Knowledge and Practice). With lots of fun filled activities and humour to encourage Adult Learning.