Giving And Receiving Feedback By Understanding Self & Others

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Valued feedback, when given properly, can make a substantial difference between success and failure on the job.  Feedback is vital as it provides us with information as to what is working well, and what needs to improve which in turn can be a useful tool for improving process and achieving positive results. The understanding of self and others, through understanding personality traits, can play a very big part in how we give and receive feedback effectively.  


Learning Objective


By the end of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Create positive communication environment at work
  • Recognize personality traits of self and others
  • Understand communication style of each personality
  • Design, plan and deliver feedback according to the communication styles of others
  • Plan and deliver effective feedback in a manner that produces desired results
  • Receive feedback in a positive manner
  • Listen and interpret information accurately, empathetically and effectively

  Target Audience Executives and above from all departments  


Program Duration 2 Days  


Program Content (9.00am -5.00pm)


Module 1 : Feedback - An Overview

  • What: In general
  • What: At workplace
  • Why: Importance of ongoing Feedback
  • Redirection and Reinforcement
  • Identifying Behaviour and Performance Issues

Module 2 : Feedback Based On Personality And Communication Style

  • Understanding 4 Basic Personalities
  • Recognizing the Personalities in Self and Others
  • Strengths and Weaknesses of Each Personalities
  • Communication Style of Each Personality
  • Delivering Feedback based on Personality Style

Module 3 : Feedback: Two Way Process

  • Receiving Feedback Professionally
  • Effective & Active Listening
  • Applying Steps to Effective Listening

Module 4 : Planning Feedback

  • Understanding B.E.E.F model of Feedback
  • Communicating Desired Results and Expectation
  • Giving Critique or Reprimand the Right Way

Module 5 : Delivering Feedback: Hands-On

  • Analysing Case Studies
  • Planning Feedback
  • Delivering Feedback

Module 6 : Moving Forward

  • Implementation at Workplace: Real-Life Scenarios
  • Commitment to Implementation of Feedback Strategies Learnt

  Training Approach

  • Verbal Presentation
  • Interactive Discussion
  • Case Studies
  • Slides
  • Hand-outs