Effective Presentation Skills For Workplace

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This course is designed to help any individual who wants to enhance their presentation skills.  It covers both the technical skills of presentation plus mental and attitudinal aspect of presenting.  Skills covered in this course include planning and structuring presentation/information, audience analysing and engagement, poise and confidence when presenting, appropriate body language during presentation, and designing compelling slides/visual aids.


Learning Objective

By the end of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Acknowledge, understand and overcome fear of public speaking/presentation
  • Use appropriate confident body language/non-verbal communication during presentation
  • Plan, structure, and organize information they want to present in an appropriate manner
  • Effectively analyse and engage audience during presentation
  • Exude professional presence
  • Understand proper usage of colours, font, and design on slides.


Target Audience

Staff of all level


Program Duration

2 Days


Program Content (9.00am -5.00pm)

Module 1 : Trembling Knees & Sweaty Palms

  • Recognizing and Acknowledging fear of Presenting
  • Strategies and Techniques to Overcome Fear of Speaking/Pre-Presentation Anxiety

Module 2 : Say What?:  Objective Of Presentation

  • Learning to identify real purpose of presentation
  • Importance of laying foundation & objectives correctly before presenting
  • Written Activities

Module 3 : Are U Listening?: Delivering Presentation

  • Understanding and Empathizing With Your Audience
  • Recognizing Importance of Non-Verbal Communication
  • Using the Right Tool for Communicating Effectively
  • Milestone Evaluation &Experiential Learning Activities

Module 4 : Firm Grounds: Right Build Up &Presentation Structure

  • Recognising Various Methods of Presentation Style- Sequential Argument, Pyramid, Meaty Sandwich
  • Milestone Evaluation: Group Activities

Module 5 : You Got It Right! Presentation Essentials

  • Understanding the Importance and Effects of Slide design, colour and fonts
  • Subtle do’s and don’ts of presentation
  • Appropriate dressing and conduct during presentation



Training Approach

  • Verbal Presentation
  • Interactive Discussion
  • Slides
  • Hand-outs
  • Whiteboard/Flipchart
  • Experiential Learning Activities
  • Videos