People Power Effectiveness & Efficiency  

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Learning Objectives

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Make calculated assumptions to identify talents that make business profitable
  • Organise the areas of needed improvements via financials and non financials
  • Help make the next change or status quo for talent development and business development


Program Duration

2 days


Program Content

Topic 1: Business Essentials and Fundamentals

  • How does your business function
  • The human engagement analysis
  • The future of your business growth

Topic 2: Profit and Non Profit Channels

  • Analysis of Your Business Channels
  • Analysis of What needs to improve

Topic 3: What, Why, When, Who, Which, How?

  • Managing Expectations
  • Resolve or Renew

Topic 4: The VAK Approach to People

  • Train or Not To Train
  • Calculated Empathy Approach

Topic 5: Small Stones or Big Rocks

  • What Matters Most to Our Business
  • What Do We Invest Into

Topic 6: Make It or Break It

  • Drawing Up the Cornerstones of Success
  • Let Put Some Matters In Our Back Pocket


Training Approach

This workshop combines Trainer’s presentation and sharing of experience. Participants will learn through brainstorming and discussion