Liability Insurance with Special Focus On Tort, Contract & Statute

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This programme will address some of the basic legal aspects relating to Liability Insurance claims. Issues on how legal liabilities will tie in with the policy will be addressed. We will also look into Section II of the Contractors’ All Risks (CAR) Insurance policy, where liability coverage will be further explored.


Learning Objective

  • understand how the legal liability applies in claims
  • appreciate the three main legal segments – Tort, Contract and Statute.
  • learn how to relate legal liability to triggering of policy coverage


Program Duration

1 Day


Program Content (9.00am -5.00pm)

  • Discuss the basic application of legal principles in insurance claims.
  • Share a few scenarios to expand Tort, Contract and Statute issues.
  • Relate to how Section II of the CAR policy operates.
  • Case studies will be used to help participants understand better.