Comparision of Coverages Afforded Between Fire Insurance & Industrial All Risk

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Coverage between the basic Fire Insurance policy in comparison with the Industrial All Risks (IAR) Insurance policy will be addressed in this programme. The differences with regard to the specific perils when compared to the “all risks” cover will be explored further.

Industry practice and common market considerations for these two products will be highlighted, so as to enable the participants to appreciate the subject matter better.


Learning Objective 

  • Understand the distinct differences between the two policies (IAR and Fire).
  • Appreciate the suitability of the appropriate policy for certain property risks.
  • Learn some of the specific clauses that will apply to the respective policies.


Program Duration

1 Day


Program Content (9.00am -5.00pm)

  • the need for insurance for industrial and manufacturing buildings/ plants
  • how the policies responds and the relevant perils(s).
  • clauses and endorsements that apply
  • a comparison between the two wordings – specific peril versus “all risks”.