Communications Skills for Conflict Resolution – Best Practices

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We are often faced with challenges in dealing with difficult clients or customers. This then delays the timeline for business deals to be negotiated and concluded successfully.

This programme will address the various “customer facing” issues and how to overcome them. Role play techniques will be employed to share some scenarios that can be used to overcome such issues.


Learning Objective

  • Understand some of the “people” related issues in the business world.
  • Appreciate human factor(s) to overcome conflicts in dealing with customers.
  • Learn to use verbal phrases and body language to overcome conflicts.


Program Duration

1 Day


Program Content (9.00am -5.00pm)

  • Deal with conflict issues effectively and open communication lines.
  • Strategies to remain composed and deal issues with confidence.
  • How to obtain benefits of effective people skills with greater harmony and improved productivity.
  • Strengthen relationship using communication skills.