Business Opportunities in Construction Insurance in Relation to New & Upcoming Projects in Malaysia

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Despite the current slowdown, the Singapore Government is continuing to boost the economy by awarding new projects in various parts of the island. This includes roads, buildings and MRT schemes. The physical work for the ambitious High Speed Rail (HSR) project linking Singapore to Kuala Lumpur will also commence next year.

This programme will provide an overview of the upcoming HSR construction projects and how to tap in on business opportunities growing from them. Various insurance covers will be required not only by main contractors, but also subcontractors and suppliers. These aspects and other risk and insurance needs will be addressed in this technically pitched programme.


Learning Objective

  • Learn about the various upcoming projects in Singapore and how to tap into this business funnel.
  • Appreciate the parties involving in construction risks and the need for insurances accordingly.
  • Understand the types of insurance products that become relevant for these project developments.


Program Duration

1 Day


Program Content (9.00am -5.00pm)

  • an overview of the upcoming projects in Singapore
  • technical specification to help understand the risks involved.
  • Discussion on possible insurance policies that become relevant.
  • parties involved – developers, main contractors, sub contractors, suppliers, designers etc.
  • how to focus on insurance business opportunities relating to these projects