Hospital Operations

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Time – 9:00am to 5:00pm

Break – 10:15am to 10.30am and 3:15pm to 3:30pm

Lunch – 1:00pm to 2:00pm





Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

·       To understand the functions involved in Hospital Operations management



MODULE 1 –Hospital Wide Quality Management

  • Types of Accreditation 

  • Functions and purposes of the various committees

  • Interaction of the various Units/committees to forge a practical Clinical quality thrust on the services. 


MODULE 2 – Clinical Safety and Risk Management

  • Working through the Four-step process to clinical risk management

  • Sharps Injuries Surveillance

  • Handling /recognizing situations of disorderly conduct of inpatients


MODULE 3 –Hospital Infection Control

  • Individual responsibility

  • Unit responsibility

  • Notifiable diseases

  • Syndromic notifications

  • Committees 




MODULE 4 –Hospital Information Management and Training

  • Continuous Professional Development at Unit/Hospital level

  • MOH requirements for Clinical/Health staff. What to expect in the future.


Updates on: Hospital Wide Quality Management

Updates on: Clinical Safety and Risk Management

Updates on: Hospital Infection Control


Updates on: Hospital Information Management and Training


Updates on: Healthcare Business Process Reengineering


Updates on: Change Management


Updates on: Health care management


Updates on:  Smart Technologies in Health care management


Updates on: Downloaded Healthcare Android & iOs Apps



How to achieve to become a:  Clinical Subject Matter Expert in Health IT in the field of IT to Health Medical Program, Public Health Program


Operation Manager/Clinical Staff


1. Lectures/role play to strengthen professional acumen, decision making skills, influencing and negotiation skills--in the various real live situations in the Hospital setting might be inter spread during or after each lecture. 

2.There might be Group discussions/role play of various scenarios in the various service centers of the hospital or could also alternate lectures with clinical case scenarios. Attendees will participate actively in solving various situations 

3.. Might use  their present SOP/Hosp physical set up as a guide to further elaborate  on handling issues. Group discussions/role play of various scenarios in the various service centers of the hospital